According to Advertising Age, scent marketing is now exploding as the next frontier in advertising and retail branding across an endless array of industries. But how does a carefully chosen, effectively diffused fragrance affect a business’ bottom line, and is there statistical data to back up the results?

Impact on Branding

Scent acts as some sort of cerebral glue, associatively tying together all thoughts and experiences pertaining to a brand.

Improve Brand Recognition

Scent marketing allows for the creation of a new and deeper dimension in your existing brand.

Make Your Brand Unforgettable

Scent imprints a pleasant memory that is associated with your product or services.

Create Heightened Value Perception

Proper ambient scent contributes to the building of a favorable perception of the store or business and helps buyers develop a certain feel for their surroundings.

Inspire Brand Loyalty

Scent Marketing inspires brand loyalty by attaching a positive emotion to a brand. This in turn leads to both recognition and trust.

Impact on Sales

One study found that when major retailers used scent marketing in their stores, intent to purchase increased by 80 percent.

Extend The Time Customers Linger

Stores that utilized scent marketing witnessed increases of people staying up to 20% longer.

Encourage Repeat Business

Average person is 100 times more likely to remember a smell than something seen, heard or touched. The right scent in the right place Encourages Repeat Business.

Attract New Customers

A pleasing scent can serve as a lure to potential customers who have never stepped foot in a store or business before.

Increase Sales

Study indicated that the introduction of a sweet citrus aroma in a retail setting nearly doubled the average total purchases from $55 to $90 per customer!

Impact on Customer experience

Walking in a store or a hotel should be a customer experience which is appealing to all the senses. According to Forbes.Scent will be considered as a major point of differentiation by 89% of marketers by the end of 2017.

Improve Guest Experiences

The very first impression a guest perceives is that of scent, and it is intensified at that exact moment of entry.

Affect Performance in The Workplace

Scent in the workplace influences mood, alertness and productivity.

Counteract Malodors

Probably the most formidable task and most appreciated benefit of scent marketing is its ability to eliminate bad odors.

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