What Is Scent Marketing

Sense of smell is one of our most important senses, as it is directly connected to the part of our brain (hippocampus) linked to memory and emotion. This is why smelling a particular scent can instantly send us back to a childhood memory and make us instantly experience happiness.

Numerous studies have demonstrated the powerful impact that Scent may have on consumer behavior as it has an immediate and compelling emotional effects that goes beyond our rational perception.

Scent marketing consists of diffusing a pleasant scent, fragrance, perfume or aroma not only to make the space smell nice but mostly to improve customer experience, increase sales, encourage guest loyalty , dwell-time and develop brand awareness.

One of the reasons scent marketing is so successful as a marketing strategy is because visual advertising no longer captivates the attention of modern consumers the way it once did. Shoppers have grown tired of visual ads, commercials and presentations, so much so that their eyes quickly slide over what the nose permanently captures.

How smell translates into memory?