6 Reasons Why A Good Smell Affects Our General Mood

Almost all of us, as social people who fight their own battles in life, we find ourselves going to several places seven days a week.

Either because we are committed to going to certain places such as schools, colleges, malls, and workshops, or because we enjoy hanging out with friends and family at our preferred restaurant or café.

In all cases and places, we always love to feel welcomed. And we love to be in a place that makes us feel happy, cool, and comfortable.

One essential thing that affects our general mood is the smell of the places where we go to. So, here are six reasons why a good smell affects our general mood:

1.    Relaxing and feeling happy

Beautiful scents have a powerful effect on the spirit. They permeate all of our senses in order to improve our moods. And there is no doubt that you will start smiling automatically when you smell your favorite fragrance, or when you smell a scent that reminds you of a happy memory or place.

Studies show that 75% of all emotions generated every day are related to smell. So, if you are in a place that has an unpleasant odor, you are more likely to be in a bad mood. This explains why:

  • Developed countries that take care of cleanliness have more happy citizens.
  • Areas that are not being taken care of have more percent of depression.
  • People who do not use perfumes are less relaxed than their peers who use perfumes.

Another study stated that Lavender and Jasmine soothed data entry operators stress, which is interesting.

2.    Increasing productivity and satisfaction

Willingly, when our mind and spirit are moved by a nice smell, our desire to do more beneficial things increases outstandingly.

For example, many surveys showed that students who put scented candles on their desks while studying, get motivated to study for more hours than those who keep nagging about the disappointing weather.

When you notice a smell that you like, you become motivated to be more creative and passionate. And the list of tasks would be done quickly.

A Japanese company found that a citrus scent increased the productivity of employees by up to 54%

Examples on scent perfumes that increase productivity include:

  • Lavender
  • Lemon perfumes
  • Vanilla perfumes
  • Jasmine
  • Passion

3.    Strengthening relationships

Most of the time, we see best friends and couples exchange perfumes as gifts.

And it has been psychologically proved that fragrance is the best choice for a gift as its preferred by most people, since the smell of fragrance reminds people of each other.

What increases their feeling of happiness is that smelling their gifted perfume reminds them of how much strong their friendship or love is.

Another way of strengthening relationships of people is the scents that calms and enhance the mood of the employees resulting in a healthy environment of cooperation and exchanging experiences among employees.

4.    Raising interaction

When the general mood is positively affected by a nice smell, people’s energy to meet and interact with each other increases.

They become energetic to go out and attend more events and social gatherings to see more people.

Most of the time, subconsciously people would spend more time with their friends and colleagues who have an adorable smell. However, some people might avoid the ones who do not take enough care of their hygiene.

Positive energy from smelling fragrancies makes powerful communication and healthy interaction. Research shows that there is a 40% improvement in mood after being exposed to pleasant scents. And this gives them lovely life.

5.    Going back to old memories

Probably, we all have experienced the following situation. Sometimes, we suddenly come across a specific type of a scent that we already know.

Then, our mood changes entirely by smelling this scent. And we start memorizing the events or incidents we had before when smelling this scent.

Whether we used to smell this scent in our childhood, or we were familiar with it from somewhere, a beautiful feeling controls us when experiencing it again.

These memorable and joyful moments affect our mood and turns our psychology to the better.

Dr. Dalton, an expert in public health at New York University, stated that, “Some people believe themselves to be thinner and lighter than they truly are.” And this is related to their old memories. They fly with happiness whenever they get back to their memories.

6.    Peaceful and safe city

It has been shown that the general mood of people plays a great part in the stability and the safety of the city.

There will be a higher percent of happy people. And away from depression and negative energy, general facilities will not have any social problems as what happens usually.

All that comes by spreading calming scents everywhere, which add beauty and refreshment to people’s life.

 Spraying scents is most needed in:

  • Markets
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Malls
  • Agencies
  • Companies

There is a quote that says,” The key to happiness might be right under your nose.”

So, this is right. Pleasant scents should be used more in our life.

These were six reasons why a scent is important in our life. It affects our general mood, and it gives us several interesting feelings.

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