5 Reasons Why Spraying Scents in Stores Increases Sales

As a business owner or a retail store manager, you might wonder how you can find an effective way that can help you increase your sales.

Especially nowadays, it’s becoming more challenging to increase your business footfall due to the increasing competition.

Surprise! A magical tool has been discovered for you to get higher sales, more customers, and higher profits; spraying scents and perfumes in your store which is so called scent marketing.

Here are five reasons why scenting stores and companies helps sellers and retailers grow their sales massively.

1-   Creating Positive emotions

Once you choose a scent to spray in your store, customers will feel emotionally connected to your brand. And that is from the amazing fresh feeling of that scent.

A nice scent would build a strong relationship between customers and products. Studies show that the sense of smell is the quickest memory inducer, and it is much more powerful than anything else in triggering positive attitudes towards something.

As well, recent scientific experiments state that customers’ moods improve by 40% when they smell a nice scent.

Therefore, using fragrances and scents is one of the most attractive ways to engage customers. This method has been used in advertising for several brands for a long time to get the required attention, and it works outstandingly most of the time.

It is believed that constructing positive emotions towards your brand at the beginning is more likely to be your first step into success — and a nice scent is the solution.

Customers will start talking about your brand and sharing their opinions with friends, which is a good start to letting more people know about your brand and store driving more sales.

2-   Increasing willingness to buy products

When people adore the smell of a store, their willingness to buy a product from this store is more likely to increase.

According to a study conducted by Nike, flowery scent in their store was able to raise customers’ willingness to buy shoes by 80% and pay 10-15% more for the same product.

This is a fantastic percentage of incremental sales when compared to traditional stores that only use traditional advertising methods.

Another study in 2015 proved that people are more motivated to take out their wallets and pay when sniffing out powerful smells.

The following are helpful examples of smells that would help you choose the best for your store:

  • Vanilla
  • Cinnamon
  • Lavender
  • Orange
  • Green tea
  • Geranium
  • Strawberry

There are many successful companies in the world that use scents as one way of growing their sales including international stores, restaurants, malls, and bakeries.

3-   Spending more time in stores

Spreading nice scents in stores encourages customers to spend more time there.

Imagine yourself entering any store with a nice smell. Then you’re taken aback by a wonderful scent that has permeated the entire space. You will be more likely to stay for additional hours with the feeling of comfort.

This will give you more opportunities to check what is displayed on shelves and will make you remember to visit that store again.

Some studies point out that spraying the right scent for the brand has a benefits, It encourages customers to spend up to 20% more time inside the store compared to stores that do not use the appropriate scent.

4-   Providing pleasant shopping

By nature, we love delightful places and stores. And we enjoy shopping with our friends and family, so when there is an attractive fragrance in a store, our shopping experience will be much easier and more enjoyable.

That’s why choosing a memorable scent for your store will help you achieve more satisfying sales results. To have a distinguished store that customers would spend more time at, it is recommended that you consider the following points:

  • Comfort
  • Happiness
  • Relief
  • Trust
  • Entertainment

The previous points can be offered to your customers by having a suitable fragrance for your store. According to the nature of your business, you can choose the suitable scent.

5-   Influencing choices

Every morning, a large number of hotels and cafes spread the smell of fresh coffee in order to engage customers.

By this way, they influence people to enter the café and have a mug of coffee. Using the scent of coffee increased coffee sales by 54%. The same thing you can do for your own business.

In addition, many shops of sweets and chocolate spray the smell of cacao on the outside so that customers get encouraged to buy chocolate while passing by.

We probably experience that from time to another. At least once, the smell coming from the nearby bakery forced us to buy some light breakfast while going to work.

Or while hanging out with family, a daughter might have asked her mom to buy her a toy, because it just has the scent of flowers.

Our choices in shopping and spending money are influenced by convincing products, and scents play that role. You need to look for a scent that helps increase your sales in an influential way, just like how coffee influenced coffee shop customers.

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