The Direct Relationship Between Customers and the Scent of the Store

When you find yourself in a place where you feel comfortable and spend more time than usual, it is because that the place has satisfied all your senses.

It has been proven that the most powerful sense is the sense of smell. Therefore, the smell of any place will influence your attitude towards it. When a place has a pleasant scent, you are more likely to stay for an extended period of time.

One of the best methods that has been used recently by companies and stores is scent marketing where they infuse a scent that can go along with the theme of the place, i.e. dental clinics use calming scents, Gym and fitness centers use energetic scents.

When some companies did experiments, they found that scent marketing greatly increased the emotional connection with the customers, which led to a positive impact on increasing sales.

Pleasant scents create positive attitudes from customers towards products.

One advantage of scent marketing for businesses and stores is that it creates positive impressions about their brand.

If you are a seller and want to increase your customers’ satisfaction, you should use scent marketing. And that’s because the beautiful spreading smell connects customers with your products, especially if the scent has memorable smell like:

  • Orange
  • Strawberry
  • Cinnamon
  • Coffee
  • Lemon
  • Lavender
  • Jasmine
  • Flowers

The sense of smell is the strongest sense that makes us judge whether we like something or not. Thus, when a product has a weird appearance, it can be accepted only for having a good scent. That’s why scent marketing is effective.

Scents increase customers’ happiness and give them enjoyment.

Beautiful scents have a powerful effect on the spirit. They permeate all of our senses in order to improve our moods.

And it is expected that 80% of us start smiling automatically when we smell our favorite fragrance at a place where we are buying something from. Then a massive satisfaction will be generated by dealing with that place.

The more attractive the scent is, the more satisfied customers will be, so you have to choose the right scent for your store in order to increase their satisfaction.

There is a quote that says,” The key to happiness might be right under your nose.” It means that your costumers’ happiness is highly affected by scents.

Research shows that there is a 40% improvement in our mood after being exposed to pleasant scents. And this gives us lovely and easy shopping.

The same studies show the importance of using scents in the field of marketing to satisfy people.

Nice scents make people more willing to pay.

When people love the scent of a product, their willingness to buy the product and pay for it is more likely to increase. It was discovered that people while shopping, especially in crowded markets, feel that they are in a small place; therefore, when they smell pleasant scents, they become motivated to pay in order to have a feeling of control and happiness.

A study that was done five years ago showed that people are more willing to open their pockets and pay when sniffing out powerful smells.

And according to an article on Scent Australia, the fragrance of stores and companies has raised customers’ willingness to buy products and pay 10-15% more for the same product.

One of us should have experienced that while we are going to work, if we smell the delicious food smell, we get curious to try it.

This is how adorable scents create our direct satisfaction with products. They make us happy for paying for it.

Scent Marketing can distinguish your brand

Scent acts as some sort of cerebral glue, associatively tying together all thoughts and experiences pertaining to a brand. The scent allows for previous memories to be retrieved without effort.

Whenever people experience the smell of a product they love, they will also share their good experience with their friends and family, which will increase the brand awareness of the company that uses markable fragrances.

Nike, a famous company that produces a good brand of shoes, concluded that the fragrance of their store was able to raise customers’ willingness to buy shoes by 80%.

Adorable scents motivate consumers to spend more time in the company or store.

  1. The direct relationship between customers’ satisfaction and the scent is implied by the long time spent by the customers inside the store.
  2. Customers would be encouraged to spend more time in shops because of diffusing pleasant scents throughout them. They would take a moment to picture themselves walking into any market in a mall.
  3. Spraying scents in the market will give you more chances to reflect on the items displayed on shelves and will help you remember to go back again to that market.

  4. According to certain studies, using the proper fragrance for the brand offers the best advantages for the company owners.

  5. Compared to the markets that don’t utilize the proper perfume, the markets that use scents encourage customers to spend up to 20% more time inside the store.




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